Sunday, August 30, 2009

We miss you already...

On the morning of August 27, 2009 our dearest friend, Byron passed away at age 13. Byron was an amazing dog and true friend of all who met him.

In his golden years, Byron spent his days napping in the parlor by the front door, waiting for his master (Rich Wallace) to come home for lunch and share his peanut butter sandwich. In the evenings he loved helping in the kitchen. He was an expert cleaner, gladly picking up any food scraps that fell to the floor and licking plates clean before they were put into the dishwasher. He also loved going for after-dinner walks, watching movies, and licking up our ice cream bowls before he went to bed each night.

Already the house feels empty without his presence (even with the 5 cats roaming around). We love you Byron. May you rest in peace.

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